About The Films

We accept a limited number of bookings a year to create documentary films and wedding videos for couples like you, who love each other and are preparing to tie the knot.

We call our film-makers “story-tellers,” and for good reason!  Instead of simply “covering” the events of a wedding, we view the wedding day as a way to frame your story- why you’re together.

His sense of humor, her laugh – those things we’re the start of something promising, but why did you stick together?  We care about those kinds of details because understanding your history, what you love about each other, and how the two of you have expressed that love over the course of your relationship informs how we film on the big day.  After all, a good film isn’t a cookie-cutter, assembly line product.

A good film is personal.

What’s your story?

Dan Jones | Film-maker/Studio Manager