Lauren & Cedric: Love is the Key

Lauren + Cedric | A Short Film from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Its a basic human need, to be loved and to feel like you belong. Love is a boon in life’s rough seas, and a lit candle that guides you through frightening times. Love blends families and, like a key, opens doors. Love is proven in its acts. It’s stated with […]


Whitney & Gabe: Timeless & Classic

Whitney and Gabe - A Wedding Trailer from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Southern Louisiana, known for its perennial rainy weather patterns, was the perfect backdrop for Whitney and Gabe’s wedding and reception. With a theme of “Timeless and Classic,” the OId State Capital in downtown Baton Rouge created just such an enduring and elegant atmosphere. What initially caught Whitney’s attention was Gabe’s […]

…As swirling waters rose and began back flowing in a direction we were unaccustomed to seeing, a thought in the back of our minds began to form and bloom. What if the water actually gets in? We’d never flooded here before, but the news said this one was different…this one, […]


Megan and Matthew | A Short Feature

Megan and Matthew | A Feature from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

One of the wonderful things about our job is that we’re able to see love expressed in all its forms. Generosity is often a natural expression of love, and Matthew and Megan are two people with generous hearts. What impressed us, is not just the fact that they are generous […]


Ashton and Jonah| A Highlight

Ashton and Jonah - A Highlight from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

The beauty of a traditional wedding can provide wonderful opportunities to tell a couple’s love story. Such was the case with Ashton and Jonah. From the First Look to the Tea Ceremony, this beautiful couple honored timeless traditions in admiration of those they respect and love the most, those that […]


Emily and Brian| A Highlight

Emily and Brian | A Highlight from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Our lives are built around metaphors that add beauty to our existence and give us a deeper understanding and connect with life’s fundamentals- family, friends, and love. Wedding days are full of metaphors. For Emily and Brian, surrounded by friends and family, the modern interpretation presented during their ceremony of […]


Amanda and Marcus | A Feature Film

Amanda and Marcus Feature from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool.” – Robert Brault Marcus tried to scare people off and his last tactic was his handlebar moustache. Fortunately, Amanda saw who Marcus really was. She not only loved what he so carefully hid, but created a […]

A wedding is one of the pivotal moments of life. It’s a day full of weighty symbolism and meaning. A day guaranteed to make great new memories and, as you can’t help but reminisce, bring some old ones to mind. Because that’s the case, it’s perfectly normal for the bride, […]


E & J | Soulmates

There are two definitions of the word soulmate. The first is this: when a single soul is created it is separated into two bodies that spend a lifetime looking for each other. When they find each other, the individuals are finally complete. Two halves of one whole, dependent on each […]


Maggie and Bud | A Feature

Maggie and Bud | A Feature from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

When the two of you are better as a unit than you are apart, you can’t help but stick together. You will have your differences, it’s true, but for Maggie and Bud the “good stuff was really good and the bad stuff wasn’t of the deal breaking variety”. Their personalities […]