One of the wonderful things about our job is that we’re able to see love expressed in all its forms. Generosity is often a natural expression of love, and Matthew and Megan are two people with generous hearts. What impressed us, is not just the fact that they are generous themselves, but that they also encourage it in others. On April 16th, 2016, their wedding day, instead of receiving gifts from family and friends, they gave gifts of money to their guests with instructions to choose someone in need to whom to give it. Megan and Matthew expressed their thoughts toward each other as well. “You are the man I’ve waited for all my life. Let’s be perfectly imperfect together.” Megan stated: “Today I’m marrying my best friend. Thank you for making me the happiest man on earth.” Matthew wrote.

The D. Jones Wedding Films team proudly presents Matthew and Megan’s Wedding Day.

Ceremony| Butler-Greenwood Plantation
Reception Dinner | The Carriage House Restaurant
Photographer | Jenn Ocken

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