When the two of you are better as a unit than you are apart, you can’t help but stick together. You will have your differences, it’s true, but for Maggie and Bud the “good stuff was really good and the bad stuff wasn’t of the deal breaking variety”. Their personalities truly fitted together perfectly. “Bud has a hard exterior, but he’s really a teddy bear.” “Maggie genuinely cares about others and makes me a better person.” Laughter has been the magic touch in their relationship from the moment they met when Bud opened with a joke…and Maggie laughed.

“Let’s celebrate what we’ve already built!” For Maggie and Bud, how they had developed together was a treasure worth honoring and celebrating in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The wedding event was a stunning watershed moment from which they could move forward together exploring new adventures in life.

The D. Jones Wedding team happily presents Maggie and Bud. May you find laughter and joy in each other forever.

Wedding Designer | Bobbi Rice
Ceremony and Reception Venue | Houmas House
Photography | Sara Kelley Photography

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