Leah and Dave - Wedding Film Trailer from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

In the quiet neighborhood behind Audubon Park in New Orleans you’ll find Etienne de Bore Oak, a giant oak tree with a girth of 35′. Such a massive natural structure often comes with it’s own ecosystem, and this one is no exception. Life thrives in and around it- from the insects that maintain it to the plants and animals the find a home in it. For centuries human life has thrived underneath it as well. On an early Saturday morning children climb it. You might see a young lady in her mid-twenties practicing yoga under its boughs. Surrounding the tree you’ll notice joggers, dog walkers… maybe even an early morning picnic. This tree that brings all of these people together is known locally as the Tree of Life.

Formally Named after Jean Etienne de Bore, the first French planter to granulate sweet Louisiana cane into sugar, the “Tree of Life” is a fixture of Audubon Park with a particularly rich history. Today, it’s a relaxing place for morning exercise and an amazing afternoon hang out spot. It’s also a beautiful place to get married.

That’s what Leah and Dave did on Saturday October 24th, surrounded by friends and family, some of whom had crossed the United States to support them. The Tree of Life is significant to them for a few reasons. One of them is the fact that it’s right across the street from the house of Dave’s “Aunt Nancy,” where he spent many an afternoon bouncing between the Tree and the family. And another, because the Tree itself is such an appropriate metaphor for the bond the two of them were about to enter into. It’s a bond founded in a history equally as rich, and supported by a family and friends in a way thats similar to the way the ecosystem under the Oak supports the tree.

We were honored to be able to film and attend their wedding. They had a beautiful ceremony under the Etienne de Bore Oak followed by a very well designed reception by Heather Day from Red Cake Event Planning. It was also a great a pleasure working with photographer Aaron Hogan and his team from Eye Wander Photography.

Location: New Orleans, La
Design and Coordination: Heather Day @ The Red Cake Event Planning
Photographer: Aaron Hogan @ Eye Wander Photography

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