With so many crazy viral wedding proposals on the internet, there can be a lot of pressure on an individual poised to propose to their significant other. That was not the case for E and J whose relationship, from the beginning, was full of adventure and surprises.

What began with a private brunch in New Orleans’ City Park ended with an elopement in the Valley of Fire in Las Vegas.

The D Jones team was there to capture it all. It was such an honor to be a part of this romantic adventure.

Read more about it in our blog post here!

Engagement: 11.15.15 City Park, New Orleans
Wedding: 12.11.15 Las Vegas

Coordinator/Designer | Lani Guilbeau
Film-makers: Daniel Jones, Hebah Saleh, Will Heath, Steve Kluempers
Photographer| Sarah Ward Photograph
Chef | Brian Nichols
Dance Instruction | Tammy Duke
Transportation | Big Easy Limos
Furniture/Flooring Rental | Event Rental
Location | Pavillion of the Two Sisters at City Park, New Orleans, La

Film-maker | Daniel Jones
Photographer| Ella Gagianio
Location | Valley of Fire, Nevada

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