Lauren + Cedric | A Short Film from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Its a basic human need, to be loved and to feel like you belong. Love is a boon in life’s rough seas, and a lit candle that guides you through frightening times. Love blends families and, like a key, opens doors.

Love is proven in its acts. It’s stated with out solicitation, and shown in gestures large and small. It endures when challenged. Love is keeping your word, and proving your mate wrong in all the best ways.

Love is cuddling on the couch, and cooking side by side. Love is sharing dreams, but also listening with rapt attention. Love is working out the future together, and moving forward in lock step.

On April 15th with a flourish of his U.S. Navy sword, Cedric and Lauren cut their wedding cake. It symbolized their like mindedness in their endeavors as a couple. Together, Lauren and Cedric feel strong knowing that as long as they have love as a key, the future is wide open and wonderful.

The D. Jones Wedding Film team presents Lauren and Cedric’s short film.

  • In the Aftermath of the Great Louisiana Flood
    In the Aftermath of the Great Louisiana Flood

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