Whitney and Gabe - A Wedding Trailer from D. Jones Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Southern Louisiana, known for its perennial rainy weather patterns, was the perfect backdrop for Whitney and Gabe’s wedding and reception. With a theme of “Timeless and Classic,” the OId State Capital in downtown Baton Rouge created just such an enduring and elegant atmosphere.

What initially caught Whitney’s attention was Gabe’s charm, his intelligence, and of course is good looks. But what held her captive was his way of moving through life- the perfect blend of two other men in her life who always made her feel safe and secure. Gabe appreciated Whitney’s personality and classic beauty.
Throughout their years together, their deep understanding of each other continually drew them together. They encouraged each other to be the best persons they could be and to stay humble; a recipe for the sort of timeless relationship most would hope for.

Congratulations and very best wishes Whitney and Gabe!

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