In the Aftermath of the Great Louisiana Flood

…As swirling waters rose and began back flowing in a direction we were unaccustomed to seeing, a thought in the back of our minds began to form and bloom. What if the water actually gets in? We’d never flooded here before, but the news said this one was different…this one, was unprecedented. As we continued to watch, the water rose steadily at an alarming rate. The TV forecast showed charts depicting river crest levels…they hadn’t even crested yet…another anxious look outside. The water was rising eerily, insidiously, quietly before our eyes. And interesting side effect of massive flooding, ants and spiders began to accumulate just ahead of the water line, racing forward for their lives. It was time to make a decision. Do we stay or do we go? Grabbing our emergency bags, we loaded up ourselves and pets on a volunteer’s boat and made our way out slowly through swirling currents. Dropping us off in calf deep waters, the boaters went back for more people. We slogged through waters holding our bags on our heads for half a mile. Finally gaining ground, we headed out on the long, traffic jammed journey to safety…
-Team Member’s account

As most will know, southern Louisiana has been inundated by record breaking rainfall in the span of four days causing trillions of gallons of water to push local rivers, streams, bayous, and canals beyond their limits. The resulting backflow added insult to literal injury in the form of massive property damage and, sadly, loss of life. The impact on the D. Jones Wedding Film team and studio has been varied.

We are happy and grateful to report that despite rising waters all around the property, the studio itself received no damage. This means ALL equipment and ALL media footage remains intact and viable. Whew!

We are sorry to report that several members of our team have been adversely affected by the flood on a personal level having experienced partial and total loss of homes and personal items. As a result, they are involved in the remediation of their homes. This is an indescribably grueling and tedious process that doesn’t take into account the high emotion of losing one’s home. Some members of our team have been displaced and are currently living at the homes of others having lost everything they own. Despite this, we all remain in good spirits!

This set of circumstances will result in some delays. If you are expecting your cinematic wedding package, please know our editing team is working to get your professional quality pieces to you as quickly as possible. If you have a shoot scheduled with us, we are able and ready to fulfill your booking on your scheduled date. It’s what we do.

On a more personal note, despite the shock of this disaster, it has been gratifying to see how beautifully persons can come together to help one another. We have witnessed and participated in and been recipients of volunteers massing together to evacuate and save the lives of people and pets, in some cases, by boat. (Imagine cruising through your neighborhood six feet above the road you normally drive on) We’ve experienced, and been part of, groups of volunteers coming together to throw out furniture and appliances then to start ripping out flooring and sheetrock. Strangers cooked and delivered meals. As humans, it’s what we do and it all seemed to make the heavy load lighter and the disaster more bearable.

Soon, everything will be back to normal and the Great Flood of Louisiana will be a distant memory, but we will always remember the willing spirit and gentle care shown during this time. We have given you a glimpse into a moment of our lives. As always, the D. Jones Wedding Film team thanks you for the opportunity to witness and be a part of a special moment in your lives. We look forward to continuing to provide beautiful and poignant moments on film for you. Its simply what we do.

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