7 Tips for Your Wedding Day

A wedding is one of the pivotal moments of life. It’s a day full of weighty symbolism and meaning. A day guaranteed to make great new memories and, as you can’t help but reminisce, bring some old ones to mind. Because that’s the case, it’s perfectly normal for the bride, groom and family members to run the full gamut of emotions over the course of the festivities. For us, as film-makers, that symbolism is what adds body and meaning to your film and those authentic moments are what make it special, true, and real. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 7 simple tips that will help both your film-makers and photographers capture moments that are not just beautiful, but also authentic and meaningful. Let’s get started.

1.) Save a few key moments for the wedding day. If you’re planning on sharing gifts, exchanging notes, writing cards, writing vows, or toasts, save writing the final draft for the wedding day. Those are awesome moments that we’d love to capture to frame the events of the day.

Lauren and Tim Wedding

2.) Natural light is always better. For example, have your make-up artist set up near a large window rather than in a bathroom, using natural light, rather than lamps for light. The same thing would apply to other activities as well: dressing, vow writing, note writing, gift exchanges, or the first look. Everything looks better in natural light.

3.) Just be yourself. Don’t feel pressured to pose, or smile if you don’t want to smile. We’re after what’s REAL. Laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry. Just be you and enjoy your day.

4.) You’re never in the way. We move around a lot. It gives variety to our shots and makes for a more interesting film. Never consider yourself in our way. If we need a shot we’ll move to get it. On the other hand, our job allows us to be in places where you can’t be, so in some ways we represent your eyes. If your guests have positioned themselves between us and something we need to capture, we’ll politely ask them to move just a little bit for the sake of your film.

Filming Heather

5.) We’re always interested in your story. The more we know about the two of you – how you met; why you fell in love; what makes your relationship work; hobbies you share; what you two do to relax- the better we’re able to do our job. So don’t be afraid to share – before, during, or even after!

6.) Don’t allow too many shooters in the room. Cameras are our friends but, as the saying goes, too many cooks in the kitchen make the work difficult. We limit our number of cameras in a room to one or two at the most and work best when our peers do the same.


7.) Consider an unplugged ceremony. The new trend of guests using iPads as video cameras can get out of hand. We’ve seen guests holding iPads as the bride proceeded, ruining the moment for family members, not to mention creating a distraction for our frame. To avoid having your wedding photos and film peppered with people’s iPads and iPhones, ask guests to put them away until after the first kiss. Better yet, have the priest or officiate ask before the ceremony starts! You’ll be so happy you did.

We are very excited to be sharing one of the most important moments of your lives with you. As always, our focus is on telling your story in the most authentic way possible. Following these tips is nearly a guarantee that your most precious moments on film will be their absolute best!

Special thanks to Catherine Guidry for allowing us the use of her photo!

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