There are two definitions of the word soulmate. The first is this: when a single soul is created it is separated into two bodies that spend a lifetime looking for each other. When they find each other, the individuals are finally complete. Two halves of one whole, dependent on each other. The second, simply put, is someone that perfectly fits or complements another in thought, mannerisms, and goals. E and J, however, created their own definition, a definition that reflected the timelessness of their personal connection, and was perfectly echoed in E’s proposal and the wedding that followed soon after.

Beneath the boughs of ancient oaks outside the Pavilion of Two Sisters at City Park, a quaint scene was constructed and embellished by Lani Guilbeau of Fleur du Jour, complete with couch, chair, and travel trunk cozily situated upon a rug. A buffet table to the right hosted delicious brunch creations from Chef Brian Nichols‘ and a dance floor set up in front of the couch would soon see dance lessons under way.


Inspiration for Lani’s design included contemporary elements with seasonal flowers and glamorous touches such as the gold gilded edges of the flowers. She approached the Proposal event with the concept of rethinking and reinventing the norm in terms of dimension, texture and depth. “I let the flowers guide me in the ultimate design”, she said. For the D. Jones Film team, the overall effect was an incredible frame for E’s intended proposal to J.

Sara Ward of Sarah Ward Photography who’s beautiful work is featured in this blog, did an incredible job of capturing in each photo a brilliant facet of E and J’s story. Moved by E’s effort to think big yet romantic, Sara chose angles and perspectives that echoed the charm and intensity of this dynamic couple.

Adding his creative expertise, Chef Brian Nichols of Farmhouse Customs prepared a light meal designed to tease yet satisfy the palate. With themes of “fresh & seasonal” and “Southern flair” the intimate brunch for two was both simple and layered. Ripe satsumas picked from the Chef’s yard were the featured fruit for fresh squeezed mimosas and honey whipped yogurt parfaits with macerated blueberries.The Chef’s table also hosted smoked sea bass quiche, pickled beet and strawberry salad with pistachio encrusted goat cheese, crawfish-bacon-cheese croquettes on muffins topped with soft cooked eggs, and a garden gazpacho.


Even the most elaborate setup would be for naught without that wonderful answer: “She said YES!!” With those words shouted into the living arms of the oaks, and in the spirit of moving forward into the future together E continued the Proposal celebration with a dance lesson by instructor Tammy Duke of Fleur de Dance.


The proposal paved the way to an elopement in Nevada’s Valley of Fire, a beautifully scenic trip courtesy of Maverick Helicopters out of Las Vegas. Named for the way the ancient Mesozoic rock brilliantly reflects the desert sun, the Valley of Fire was the perfect backdrop for E + J’s wedding since it attested to the enduring nature of E and J’s love. In the words of E, “You are my best friend, my life partner, my soulmate.” In the words of J, “I give you all of me.”

It is with great pleasure that we share the beautiful story of E and J.

Coordinator/Designer | Lani Guilbeau
Film-makers: Daniel Jones, Hebah Saleh, Will Heath, Steve Kluempers
Photographer| Sarah Ward Photograph
Chef | Brian Nichols
Dance Instruction | Tammy Duke
Transportation | Big Easy Limos
Furniture/Flooring Rental | Event Rental
Location | Pavillion of the Two Sisters at City Park, New Orleans, La

Film-maker | Daniel Jones
Photographer| Ella Gagianio
Location | Valley of Fire, Nevada

Special thanks to Sara Ward for giving us permission to share her beautiful photography!

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